Drone Photography by Dylan Patrick

In today’s fast-paced, multimedia world video services are increasingly becoming the “go-to” way to engage your clientele. Dylan is a fully licensed and insured FAA certified commercial Drone Pilot. By adding drone photography and motion to your visual marketing you create a connection with your guests and clients that goes beyond what still photography can provide. Video services can be purchased independent from photography, or packaged together to create a  beautifully customized marketing portfolio for all of your business needs. Architects, designers, builders and hotel and hospitality groups may find this tool unparalleled in its ability to give clients a cinematic walk through of a property, and a huge step up from the older, more common “360 degree virtual tour.” Packages can be as simple as a montage of video and still photography, or a complex as a full narrative storyline that takes you through a personalized tour of your property, and time-lapse photography may also be included to enhance your clients visual experience. Packages vary in cost and time commitments, please contact me directly for your personalized quote. When watching please click HD for best experience!

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